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Okay allows seamless integration with all our dev tools and makes it 10x easier to discover productivity problems and fix them.

Engineering Director at Brex

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Brex is the financial OS for growing companies, with credit cards, cash management, and controls in a single account.


Prior to switching to Okay, Brex was building dashboards powered by ETLs on top of Snowflake/Looker and plugging into the Github/Jira APIs directly. It was difficult to discover engineering productivity bottlenecks outside Github/Jira and maintaining team mappings and identity across systems to zoom in on problem areas was cumbersome.

Okay allows seamless integration with all our dev tools.


Right away after connecting Okay to their dev tools in a few minutes Brex discovered new bottlenecks with meeting interruptions and unbalanced interview/review load on specific teams. They also particularly liked the automated Okay alerts to flag issues that allowed them to get ahead of problems before they impacted their teams.

Okay makes it 10x easier to discover productivity problems and fix them.


Within 6 weeks of using Okay, Tanooj was able to change his team’s meeting load to improve the amount of focused work by 40%. The engineers on the team noticed the difference: “I've had noticeably more maker time lately — thank you!! I was a lot happier last week because I got to just code a LOT!”. Managers have also leveraged Okay to better balance interview and PR review load to improve iteration time. In addition the managers feel like they have a better pulse on their teams.

Okay enables engineers to be more engaged and productive.

What does Okay do?

We connect with the tools where your engineers already work and produce dashboards and insights that help you lead a high-performing team.

How does onboarding work?

You just need a Google Calendar account to get started. We will show you the rest during our concierge onboarding session.

How long does it take to get results?

Most low-hanging fruits (e.g. inefficient meeting placement) can be solved within one week. More complex issues requiring changing team processes or culture depends on your ability to lead :). In practice, we have seen managers produce long-lasting improvements within 4 to 6 weeks.

Is Okay secure? Where is my data stored?

Okay encrypts data at rest and in-transit and respects the pre-existing permissions users have in each data source we aggregate. We don’t require access to code.