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Run high-performing engineering teams

Engineering metrics dashboards to help you build productive and engaged teams. Deliver projects faster, improve quality, and reduce meeting load now.

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Top engineering leaders are building high performing teams with Okay


How Okay makes your engineering team more productive

No need to set up your own analytics pipeline. No need to research which developer productivity metrics are most relevant. Okay combines diagnosis and actionability in a single product.

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Avoid too many meetings

Developer productivity starts with Maker Time - the number of un-interrupted 2 hour blocks in a given day. Measure the Meeting Load of your teams as well the small gaps, or Friction Time, between meetings. Analyze your team's calendars to create bigger blocks of Maker Time.

The most productive teams on Okay experience 70% of Maker Time every day. Read our case study

Accelerate your development process

Remove bottlenecks for your teams. Understand the impact of factors like pull request size on Review Time, CI Time and Lead Time. Answer questions like:

  • How long do PRs take to be reviewed?
  • Are reviews distributed effectively across your teams?
  • How long does CI take on average?

Since we don't believe in monitoring engineers, Okay does not report code metrics at the individual level - only at the team level.

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Get a quick pulse on your team

Combine quantitative signals like Maker Time with quantitative answers from quick surveys in order to design a customized plan for your team.

Connect your existing tools

With Okay, no need to copy-and-paste or reconcile data. We integrate with your usual tools and de-dup information about people and projects.

Google Calendar

Analyze calendar events and detect meeting load and interviews.


Extract pull request metrics and other codebase metrics.

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Understand the paging load of your team during and after business hours.


Measure the duration of pipelines.

Don't see your favorite tool? We are always working on adding more integrations.

Our values


Although our primary users are engineering leaders, we make sure that any Okay feature is empowering engineers on their teams.


Dashboards and metrics are only useful if they lead to action. Everything we build leads to a specific action to improve your team.


Most of our features are automatically derived from connected tools. We work hard to reduce any extra-tagging, manual categorization.

Secure and Private

Okay encrypts data at rest and in-transit and respects the pre-existing permissions users have in each data source we aggregate. We don’t require access to code.

We've been in your shoes

We have 20 years of combined experience running 150+ ppl engineering teams in Silicon Valley, delivering products at the exabyte scale and managing budgets of tens of millions of dollars.

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