Okay helps TrueCar measure engineering velocity both at executive and team levels


TrueCar is redefining car buying to reflect the experience people desire: flexible, convenient and shaped to their life. They do this by enabling consumers and dealers to connect through a world-class technology platform that offers more access, more choice, and more control than ever before from discovery to delivery.


Before Okay, TrueCar had a wish list of priority engineering metrics both at the team and executive level, but no way to capture these insights from tools like Jira, BuildKite, PagerDuty and GitHub. High-priority metrics included developer satisfaction surveys, accepted vs. committed points, percent of story points spent on technical debt and non-functional requirements, and CI/CD failure rate per pull request. As they began to focus on driving better efficiency on their key product priorities, they needed a standardized process of identifying points of improvement within their engineering organization. They also needed an executive-level view where their teams were blocked.


After implementing Okay, the TrueCar engineering team not only built a systemized way to gather their high-priority metrics, but they were also able to gather insights into things like DORA Metrics, peer review time, sprint burn downs and more. Standard dashboards were created to continuously measure developer satisfaction, deployment frequency, and velocity of sprints.


By having a more holistic view of their engineering metrics from an executive and team level, they were able to to improve their ability to work on technical debt sprints more efficiently and still maintain a high-velocity of engineering efforts towards their most important business initiatives.



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July 2022

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