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Sourcegraph builds universal code search for every developer and company so they can move faster, even in big codebases. Their product helps developers to onboard to new codebases, discover and reuse code, understand code health, respond to incidents, and fix security vulnerabilities faster.


Sourcegraph cares deeply about the developer experience of their Engineering team. They were looking to find a way to improve their engineering productivity, and by proxy, their engineer’s developer experience and happiness. However, they were missing the necessary tooling to provide these insights in a time-effective manner.

Okay provides key productivity insights for your team


As soon as Okay was integrated, Sourcegraph was able to get fast visibility into key metrics they cared about to create an amazing developer experience (e.g. number of stale PRs, onboarding health, meeting load and CI latency). They used these and other metrics to build out their engineering enablement KPIs and used Okay to measure their baselines and manage progress towards targets.

Okay enables you to measurably improve your developer experience


Teams at Sourcegraph are able to achieve and maintain 85% maker time on their calendars (large open blocks without meetings) over the last 6 months. They were also able to set targets, measure their progress, and improve their developer enablement KPIs. And through weekly productivity pulse surveys, Okay is helping Sourcegraph gain valuable insight into the factors that impact their developers’ productivity and act on it before it becomes a big problem.

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