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Prior to switching to Okay, Plaid had instrumented their developer tooling and piped it through an internal ETL.  They didn’t have the insights they wanted around how remote work was affecting meeting load and were missing the mapping of internal analytics to the organizational structure.  They were also looking for an industry benchmark to anchor their productivity goals around.

Okay automatically maps dev tool data and internal analytics to your org structure.


After seamlessly connecting their data to Okay, Plaid was able to quickly diagnose where the bright spots and hotspots were on their team.  They were immediately able to get visibility to metrics at the team level and take action specific to the individual workflows of those teams (e.g. expectations on the infra team are different than others).  They particularly liked the Page Load feature to help manage after-hours page volume and interruptions.

Okay provides immediate visibility to enable leadership to be plugged in.


There were several quick wins for improving focus time on the teams struggling with high meeting load and interruptions in the new remote world.  They also took advantage of the alerts Okay sends to proactively solve problems before they escalated.  With industry benchmarks and comparison heatmaps they set goals around page load and improved their developer workflows.

Okay enables you to solve issues before they escalate into fires.

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