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Owlet Baby Care is the connected nursery ecosystem that delivers data-driven technology to modern parenting.


Owlet was looking for a tool to get a stronger pulse on productivity metrics. It had tried other vendors before finding Okay but struggled to make the data actionable. It also wanted a solution that unblocked and empowered its engineers, not adding unnecessary surveillance and micromanagement. Okay stood out because it supported showing metrics at the team/sub-team level and provided access to metrics across many integrations, instead of relying on just a single source of data.

Okay is built engineer-first with a mission to empower teams to remove obstacles


Okay was rolled out to both managers and engineers at Owlet so that the entire team could work together to find and solve productivity pain points. The big focus at Owlet was improving the software development life cycle, initially focused on understanding baselines and improving code reviews. The Owlet team also particularly liked the 1/1 digest Okay emails to help managers spend less time gathering status and more time growing and unblocking their team.

Okay helps you measure and improve your development velocity


Owlet reduced their median review time by 75% with Okay. In parallel, it was also able to have more high quality 1/1s with its team members. During this time, Owlet doubled its team size while reducing overall meeting load.

Okay enables teams to scale efficiently

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