Okay enables mParticle engineers to find their flow


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Prior to switching to Okay, mParticle was concerned about scaling their engineering team efficiently as they doubled in size.  They had ad-hoc and anecdotal understanding of the productivity of their teams through per squad burn downs and bug count tracking.  They were missing a systemic way to track all the effectiveness metrics that would set their team up for success as they grew quickly.

Okay enables you to grow quickly with confidence


mParticle rolled out Okay to all their managers and engineers in an effort to maximize transparency and collaboration.  They focused strongly on using Okay to enable their engineers to find their flow and continuously improve (two of their engineering team values).  There was transparency around code reviews, review distribution and alerts when team members needed help. The automated 1/1 digest from Okay was helpful, managers were able to have more effective 1/1s by focusing less on status updates and more on career growth and removing blockers.

Okay empowers engineers to be more effective


mParticle achieved and maintained an industry leading low meeting load (<8 hours per week)  as they doubled their engineering team size.  They were able to stay aligned and plugged in to the key productivity indicators (e.g. review time and meeting load) for their team by reporting these metrics to engineering leadership and their board. Improving upon these metrics became easier for them, once the metrics surfaced in the tool.

Okay provides deep visibility into engineering for leadership



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