Honeycomb uses Okay to get valuable insights into improving the developer experience


Honeycomb is an observability solution that helps engineering teams understand how users experience code in complex and unpredictable environments. Its purpose-built data store and query engine quickly analyzes high-cardinality data to identify patterns and outliers that might be creating bad user experience. The tool’s UI enables collaborative problem-solving so engineers can understand and debug production software together.


Honeycomb needed analytics on all their dev tools to operationalize DevOps best practices, including DORA metrics and the SPACE framework. Their team worked with rich data from their production services, but didn’t have the same level of visibility into internal processes.  They also wanted to improve the developer experience. But, they were missing critical and immediate metrics and insights to achieve that.


Okay seamlessly connects with Honeycomb’s dev tools like GitHub, Google Calendar and PagerDuty. By doing so, Honeycomb is able to measure metrics that matter, such as how long it takes each team to process review requests from external teams. They can also customize the SPACE framework to their development lifecycle and support their growing engineering team.


After using Okay for a few weeks, Honeycomb’s management received valuable insight into developer productivity and quality of life, which is critical when leading a high-performance global engineering team. They can now discover friction areas and make data-driven decisions to keep their engineers engaged and happy. In addition, managers leverage Okay for their 1:1s, which helps them support their staff and are able to be more fully engaged in conversation—instead of checking on project status.



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