Engineering Productivity Insights

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Discover the top bottlenecks affecting your team using best practice engineering productivity metrics. Take action and measure the results all in one place.

Full-Featured Query Builder

Simple to use query GUI that allows you to visualize, filter, sort, and group by any property to quickly diagnose, spot trends, and derive insights from your data (e.g. timezones, repos, teams, etc). Use timezones to understand how to improve your remote work process or drill down into the back and forth iterations on a PR.

Industry Standard Metrics

Track the most researched metrics for engineering productivity (including DORA metrics). Get access to all the metrics used by industry leading engineering teams. Including critical metrics like lead time, change failure rate, mean time to recovery, and deploy frequency.

Faster Actionable insights

Easily switch between trends analysis and granular data. Zoom in to the underlying PR, Jira Issue, Calendar event so you never get stuck (including linking directly to the URL on the corresponding dev tool). Do deeper analysis and make higher confidence decisions without spinning up a new research project.

"After seamlessly connecting their data to Okay, Plaid was able to quickly diagnose where the bright spots and hotspots were on their team. They were immediately able to get visibility into metrics at the team level and take action specific to the individual workflows of those teams."

Kent Rakip

Director of Engineering

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