Engineering Operations

Stay on top of your Engineering Operations

Build comprehensive reports on where your team's time is going and on which area to invest in next. Stay on top of Incidents and display all your Engineering KPIs in one place, without cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes.

Business Reviews, 10x faster

Okay brings all your data in one place. Need to filter that monthly Incident Report by team? Thanks to deep integrations with your HR tool, your org chart is already in Okay, connected to JIRA or other incident data source.

Alignment and Planning

Using connections with calendars and ticketing systems like JIRA, Okay can easily understand your actual Team Capacity, time going to Tech Debt, as well as Investment Levels in the areas you care about.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

With Okay, Program Managers and Chiefs of Staff can increase their focus on strategic initiatives. With all your Engineering KPIs in one place, you can now spend less time updating spreadsheets and chasing disparate pieces of information.

"Sourcegraph used Okay build out their engineering enablement KPI dashboards, measure baselines and manage progress towards their targets."

Jean du Plessis

Director of Engineering

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect dozens of dev tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about