DevOps Data Platform

Build DevOps dashboards in minutes

Connect and automatically ETL all of your devops data and custom metrics. Treat all your dev tools as a unified queryable database connected to your team structure.

Out of the box connectors

Plug and play integrations with all of the most popular devtools including Jira, Backstage, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Pagerduty, Sentry, Opsgenie, CircleCI, Buildkite and many more.

Send your own metrics

With a flexible metrics endpoint you can instrument any part of your internal tooling or workflows (e.g. performance of internal CLI tools, build/test times, CI/CD metrics, etc).

Warehouse sync

Get access to all your data and metrics in CSV format or synced to your warehouse (including Big Query, Snowflake, and Redshift). Leverage your existing charting platform and data engineering teams to build advanced custom dashboards or do deeper analysis.

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect dozens of dev tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about