Developer Productivity

Supercharge your Engineering Effectiveness

Discover the top bottlenecks affecting your team. Build dashboards covering all aspects of engineering productivity, from DORA Metrics to the most specific steps of your Software Development Lifecycle.

Industry Standard Metrics

Track the most researched metrics for engineering productivity and velocity (including DORA metrics). Get access to all the metrics used by industry leading engineering teams - including critical metrics like lead time, change failure rate, mean time to recovery, and deploy frequency.

Presets and Resources

Start from dozens of presets with analytics on Code Reviews, Deployments, Pages, JIRA Tickets, Meeting Load and more.

Leverage our expertise with unique resources such as our Engineering Effectiveness Handbook.

Developer Experience

Unblock your developers by reducing meeting and interview load. Avoid burn-out by staying on top of noisy on-call pages.

Integrate with Okay Events API to measure every part of the daily developer experience, like local build times.

"After seamlessly connecting their data to Okay, Plaid was able to quickly diagnose where the bright spots and hotspots were on their team. They were immediately able to get visibility into metrics at the team level and take action specific to the individual workflows of those teams."

Kent Rakip

Director of Engineering

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect dozens of dev tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about