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Create the best developer experience for your team

Unblock your developers by reducing meeting and interview load. Optimize your developer tools. Avoid burn-out by staying on top of noisy on-call pages.

Remove interruptions to flow by measuring meeting load

Having too many meetings and interviews is a major source of developer complaints. Context switching also directly affects engineering productivity by preventing engineers to work on complex tasks like coding. Okay gives you unprecedented insights into meeting load so that you can help each person individually.

Optimize code review load and overall tooling experience

Graph the distribution of code reviews by reviewers to find out who may be taking most of the load for the team. Integrate with Okay Events API to measure every part of the daily developer experience, like local build times.

Improve work-life balance by detecting after-hours events

Connect your on-call paging solution, define your typical working hours and nigthly hours, and get reports on noisy on-call rotations. Stay ahead of potential burn-out and demonstrate empathetic leadership thanks to Okay.

"In the last month my team has had 93% maker time, ensuring they spend less time sitting on Zoom and more time doing what they enjoy [...]Shoutout to @OkayHQ for the fantastic insights to help my team stay unblocked and doing what they love"

Jordan Plahn

Engineering Manager

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