Customizable Dashboards

Build engineering effectiveness dashboards in minutes

Skip the ingestion and tedious modeling of metrics, without sacrificing flexibility. Treat all your dev tools as a single queryable repository connected to your team structure.

Start from Templates

Get started by drawing inspiration from Okay query templates. Then, customize your queries to align them with your effectiveness goals. Assemble the most important queries into flexible layouts and share them with your team.

Events and Metrics in One Place

Metrics are useful to zoom out and analyze trends on your team, but you also need direct access to list of events, such as "recently closed issues" or "un-assigned reviews". Okay enables you to seamlessly switch between metrics and query results.

Treat dev tools as a database

With every dev tool using different definitions of teams and proprietary query languages, it's hard to extract relevant information when you need it. Okay provides a visual query builder and an ANSI SQL interface to all your data, pre-joined by team structure.

"After connecting Okay to their dev tools in a few minutes, Brex discovered new bottlenecks with meeting interruptions and unbalanced interview/review load on specific teams"

Will Palmeri

Director of Engineering

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