Actionable Alerting

Set goals for your team and detect obstacles real-time before they slow you down. Get detailed context to prepare for 1/1s.

Best Practices on Auto-Pilot

Manually scanning people's calendars to detect high interview load and reading PRs to look for stalled reviews is too time intensive. Turn your best practices and SLAs into alerts so you can scale your team. Turn retro action items into alerts to continuously improve.

More Effective 1/1s

Your team's project status is available in tools like JIRA, Github, Calendar, etc. Scanning through all these or spending time during a 1/1 asking for status takes up valuable time. Set up digests from Okay to send you context ahead of 1/1s so you can focus on career development and removing obstacles instead.

Take action before your team burns out

Once the team is burnt out it's too late to take action. Detect problems proactively and start unblocking your team right away.

"I particularly liked the automated Okay alerts to flag issues that allowed us to get ahead of problems before they impacted our teams. "

Will Palmeri

Director of Engineering

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