PagerDuty connector

Get PagerDuty Metrics

Connect Okay with PagerDuty and build dashboards about the on-call experience of your team, as well as incidents metrics.

Examples of What you can do with Okay and PagerDuty

On-Call Experience

Interruptions caused by noisy pages are a major cause of productivity and engagement issues. Okay enables you to build accurate on-call metrics for teams and individuals, before it's too late to react.

Incidents Dashboards

Build dashboards with key Incidents metrics such as Mean Time To Resolution and Incident Rate by Severity. Track Issue Tickets and Incident Resolution details by connecting the dots across PagerDuty and JIRA.

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect PagerDuty with dozens of other tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about