Google Calendar connector

Get Google Calendar Metrics

Integrate Google Calendar with Okay to understand where your team's time is going.

Quickly build reports about Meeting Load and Interview Load, among many other metrics you can pull. Visualize Flow Metrics such as Maker Time (non-interrupted blocks of 2 hours) in an elegant way.

Examples of What you can do with Okay and Google Calendar

Visualize Flow

Okay automatically categorizes common event types such as 1/1s, Interviews, and even your own "Do not schedule" / Focus Blocks. You can then easily visualize the result in calendar format.

Get Meeting Metrics

Okay has helped thousands of engineers and their managers keep meeting load under control. In particular, you can easily build reports about Interview Load or Meetings that are happening outside of regular business hours.

Fully-connected data model

Okay automatically extracts dimensions such as Working Hours, Timezones and Tenure by looking at calendars. You can then propagate this information to other metrics - e.g. you can understand what happens when a PR is authored / reviewed across timezones.

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect Google Calendar with dozens of other tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about