Github connector

Get Github Metrics

Integrate Github with Okay to get software delivery metrics such as Review Time.

Okay downloads or receives Pull Requests events such as Open, Comment, Close, etc., and enables you to link them to the correct team (using Github Teams or your HR system), so that you may build your own Github dashboards

Examples of What you can do with Okay and Github

Pull Request Metrics

Okay comes with useful presets for metrics such as Review Time, Time to First Action on a PR, Number of Comments, PR Size, etc. You can also assess the Review Load for each developer or team.

Relevant Filters

Okay really shines when it comes to tuning and personalizing your metrics. You can choose from dozens of pre-modeled filters such as Repository, Author's Timezone, Number of Comments, etc.

Your Data, Your Way

Okay works with Github API (Cloud or On-Prem) and also accepts Github Webhooks. We never access your code.

Okay API also accepts custom events such as Deployments, so that you can build metrics like Lead Time to Deploy

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect Github with dozens of other tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about