CircleCI connector

Get CircleCI Metrics

Connect CircleCI with Okay and build Continuous Integration reports in minutes.

Okay intelligently organizes pipelines and workflows into intuitive metrics such as CI Duration and Flakiness.

Examples of What you can do with Okay and CircleCI

CI Metrics

Okay gives you access to common metrics such as CI Duration, Flakiness, Number of CI Runs, which you can break down by e.g. repository, success status or teams.


Our data model connects the dots between Github/Gitlab and CircleCI, enabling you to aggregate metrics on a per-PR/MR basis - even in the presence of many pipelines per PR/MR. This shows you how long developers really have to wait on the CI system.


Okay's Custom Events API enables you to get CI metrics for home-grown CI systems, or complex CI setups involving CircleCI and other systems.

A single place to visualize your engineering data

With Okay, you can connect CircleCI with dozens of other tools to build the metrics and dashboards you care about